Shane Allessio plays hard hitting, heavy swinging, modern original jazz. Drawing from Mingus, George Russell, Stan Kenton, etc, boundaries are pushed while a respect for swing and the jazz tradition is upheld. Screaming crashing dissonances, virtuosic bowed bass solos and foot stomping grooves are to be expected at every show.

Coming off of a bold and unique new quartet album release, Everything and Nothing, Shane seeks to challenge the listener to explore a wide range of emotions, characters and personal stories. It’s a journey of highs, lows and even the psychedelic. Mixing through-composed forms with giving his band the freedom to improvise, Shane himself “plays strong backing to the horns, but is also a highly gifted soloist himself, playing like a saxophonist in terms of invention” (Jazz Journal International). “It’s a CD that belongs in every jazz lover’s collection” (Gary Karr).

Shane is a disciple of renowned educator Jim Stinnett. He traveled the country helping to present Mr. Stinnett’s Secret Chambers project, a book and presentation featuring and analyzing the walking and solo lines of the great Paul Chambers. Shane was also a faculty member of Mr. Stinnett’s long running New Hampshire Bass Fest, featuring artists such as Eddie Gomez, Rufus Reid, Gary Karr and more of the best bassists around the world. After Berklee Shane moved to London for six years, working the scene there and touring Europe with his and others’ projects. There he recorded his trio release The Big Smoke Hustle with the great Nigel Price and Jason Reeve. 

Now residing in New York City Shane has made a splash on the scene playing with his original quartet at esteemed venues such as The Django, Room 623 and more. His upcoming 2024 nonet release features staples of the scene such as Sarah Hanahan, Ruben Fox, Jason Marshall, Noah Halpern, Alphonso Horne, Mariel Bildsten, Marius Van Den Brink and Gary Kerkezou. 

On the education front, Shane opened his first guitar and bass school in St Albans, England in 2014. Soon after came G4 Guitar Schools Brookline, MA in 2016, and in 2024 G4 Guitar Schools Brooklyn, NY was born.